26 July 2017

Lots of rain in Guernsey this morning.  And looking at a few of today’s race meetings I see rain forecast, especially at Sandown where a horse of interest runs, but I will update later, due to current weather!

Didnt have a tip advise yesterday.  The horse I was thinking of backing, but didn’t  at Nottingham last night was  Lamloom, he was 2nd but he managed to set the race up for the winner.  I think David Nolan is a good rider, but got the fractions wrong last night !

I watched a few races yesterday, and to be honest saw quite a few poor rides, from jockeys that are supposed to be in the top bracket.  One thing I do not understand is why a lot of riders today have the whip in the right hand, when going right handed! Especially when they are on the rail, there with every chance of winning, and nothing is on their inside, other than the rail.  Paul Hanagan did it twice yesterday, both time his horse drifted to the left, poor riding is the only explanation !

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